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No Fault Lawyer

If you feel that you or someone you love could benefit from being represented, contact the Law Offices of Michael A. Cervini, P.C. by calling 718-577-2971 today.

No Fault is part of your car insurance policy which is mandatory on all New York State vehicles. No Fault benefits are the benefits available to you when you or an occupant of your vehicle is injured in an accident. The mandatory coverage provides $50,000.00 for each person. The $50,000.00 represents payment for all medical treatment, lost wages, if you are out of work, and some limited transportation and home care expenses. It is different than the liability part of your insurance coverage.

There are strict limits in applying for these benefits in case of an accident. Call us at 718-577-2971 today.

The Law Offices of Michael A. Cervini, P.C. is more than just a “no fault” lawyer. In addition to no fault lawyer and negligence lawyer representation, we proudly offer the following representation.

  • Police Brutality Lawyer
  • Immigration Lawyer
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer
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